VIP Intensives

VIP Intensives

[Clarity + Knowledge + Strategy + Speed]

Jump start your divorce and your life! VIP Intensives are comprised of a full-day (6 hours) quick start with me to identify your strengths, overcome your blocks and get you moving quickly forward with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals. These Intensives are specifically designed for busy professionals who need to move forward as quickly as possible. The VIP Intensive program includes pre- and post-Intensive questionnaires, assessments, videos, journal and a special BONUS: my #1 secret to directly saving huge money in legal fees. All VIP Intensives are conducted over the phone or online. The agenda runs from 8:30am – 2:30pm ET with 3 breaks (including lunch) incorporated throughout the day, Schedule your free strategic consultation with me to get started!

Pre-Divorce Intensive: Is Divorce The Right Decision For Me?

This Intensive includes a marriage assessment, additional exercises and a review of the legal landscape to help you gain clarity around your current relationship, as well as next steps that will serve YOU moving forward.

Divorce Intensive: Smart Strategies For Divorce

You know you want to get divorced, but you don’t know how to start. That’s where MoxieLife comes to the rescue! I’ll give you the exercises, tools and knowledge to get unstuck quickly and help you create a smart strategy that minimizes your divorce damage and puts you on the path of success

Post-Divorce Intensive: Divorce Re-Boot & Re-Build 

So, now you’ve made it through the hard part of your divorce … but now what? Where do you go from here? This Intensive focuses on how you want to transform your life and career moving forward … by giving you the building blocks and tools to start making it happen right away.  


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“My life and mind were in total chaos when I happened across Laura’s website.  I had no idea she was exactly what I needed!  She worked me through some of my most difficult times ever and provided me with the tools and wisdom I needed to move forward.  With her help I’ve discovered an incredible sense of personal peace, and am feeling more confident in my future than I have in a very long time.” — Lisa

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