Divorce Toolkit

Facing divorce, you don’t know what you don’t know … and that fear of the unknown results in paralysis, decisions you’ll regret, expensive legal fees and outcomes you don’t want.

I created this Divorce Toolkit for MoxieMembers to help you get informed, get organized and get into action as quickly as possible! My toolkit contains checklists, worksheets and exercises across the 3 key areas of divorce: the emotional, legal and financial. And you can use these tools at any stage … before, during and after divorce. These tools will benefit you with, or without, the added support of one of my coaching programs.

Get started by and clicking on any of the documents below. Download tools in PDF or in Excel. Excel versions can be saved to your computer and edited as you wish to customize to your needs. Not a MoxieMember yet? Click here to subscribe and gain access to all of MoxieLife’s exclusive content!

Legal Tools

Getting Started ChecklistClick Here
Legal Preparation ChecklistClick Here
Goals ExerciseClick Here
Finding A Divorce Lawyer ChecklistClick Here
Finding a Mediator ChecklistClick Here
Mediation AgendaClick Here
Parenting Plan ChecklistClick Here
Co-Parenting ChecklistClick Here
Preparing For Your Trial/Hearing ChecklistClick Here
Before You Sign An Agreement ChecklistClick Here
After Your Divorce ChecklistClick Here
Changing Your Name ChecklistClick Here
Task List TemplateClick Here

Financial Tools

Expenses Worksheet (Pre-Divorce)Click HereClick Here
Expenses Worksheet (Post-Divorce)Click HereClick Here
Monthly / Annual Expenses WorksheetClick HereClick Here
Assets WorksheetClick Here
Household Inventory WorksheetClick Here

Emotional Tools

Marriage Assessment ExerciseClick Here
Helping Your Child In Divorce ExerciseClick Here
Best Self ExerciseClick Here
Future Self ExerciseClick Here
Divorce Wheel Of Life ExerciseClick Here
Fear Chart ExerciseClick Here
Desire Chart ExerciseClick Here
Ideal Relationship ExerciseClick Here
Dating After Divorce ExerciseClick Here
Jumpstart Your Career ExerciseClick Here


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