Couples Coaching Programs

Couples Coaching Programs

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You’ve invested a lot in this marriage and you don’t want to end it lightly or damage your family. Fear, doubt and confusion are making it difficult to really know what path to choose. As a divorce coach, I’m not attached to what you choose. I’m here to help you find clarity and then create what you want in your life. I also know where all the pitfalls are in the divorce process. So, if you decide that divorce is the best path, there are ways to move forward with peace, compassion and respect that will reinvent your relationship as co-parents and preserve your family in a new structure. Both programs include New Client and Completion questionnaires, assessments, videos, journal and a special BONUS: my #1 secret to directly saving huge money in legal fees. Coaching sessions are 60 minutes via phone, Skype or Zoom on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. A strategic consultation is required to determine best fit for these programs. Schedule your free strategic consultation with me to get started!


Ready For Marriage? (3 – 6 months)

This program explores the relationship you are co-creating to give you a stronger foundation for marriage. As a divorce coach, I see what’s needed for couples to stay together … in partnership … through challenge. And I know what’s missing from couples who eventually divorce. This program includes 12 coaching sessions over a 3 – 6 month time period and gives you the tools to truly know if marriage is the right decision.

Marriage Rescue (6 – 12 months)

This program is a deep dive into the current status of the marriage relationship. We untangle self-limiting beliefs, expectations and assumptions, identify shared values and create structures for intentional communication and relationship-building. This program includes 24 coaching sessions over a 6 – 12 month time period and is designed to explore what’s wanted and needed to redefine the marriage relationship.

Family First Divorce (6 – 12 months)

This program is designed for couples who are choosing to divorce in a way that honors their family first. What does that mean? It means you choose to work together in the divorce process to define your roles as co-parents, respectfully choose an appropriate division of assets and co-create a new family structure … which might look different .. but is wholeheartedly centered in love. This program includes 24 coaching sessions over a 6 – 12 month time period.


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Moxie Gets Results!

“I started talking with Laura in the exact moment I needed her. I was in the middle of the process of my separation, and I didn’t know how to handle my feelings and emotions. Laura gave me the tools to search and dig into myself to find the strength and the light I needed in that moment to see things about myself I haven’t seen and to start living with the best that’s inside me. Now I can see that I am living closer to my real me, and leaving behind all that was hurting me and making me feel bad. I thank Laura for being part of this process, and walking by my side in this difficult moment.” — Barbara

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