Women & Divorce

As a divorce coach, I focus primarily on women & divorce. Why? Women … and especially professional women … are the big financial losers in the divorce process. Watch my quick video below to learn more.

You believed marriage was 50/50 … and it wasn’t. So, why do you think your divorce will be?

I know you. You’re smart. You’re persistent. You’re goal-oriented. You’ve worked hard your whole life. You worked hard at school … to create more opportunity for yourself. You worked hard to get that right job … when your peers were still trying to find themselves. You worked hard to climb the corporate ladder … overcoming challenge after challenge. You’ve made your career a priority … because you’ve always known that the way to move up was always to move forward.

How do I know you? I was you. I spent 20 years in Corporate America before becoming a divorce coach … so, from that perspective and that of my clients, I have something very important to tell you.

The system is rigged against you.  And as a professional woman, it’s rigged against you even more than anyone else. Why? You mistakenly believe you’re on an equal playing field. You haven’t been. Not in your career. Not in your marriage. Not in your divorce. 50/50 doesn’t actually exist in life. And if you insist on acting like it does, it will f*ck you in three, very clear ways:



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