Article: This Will Be Gone In A Blink Of The Eye … While You Are On “Pause”

By Laura Miolla

The natural world teaches us there is no stillness. Everything is in movement all the time. The Earth’s cycles around the Sun. The ebb and flow of the ocean. And you … with the beat of your heart and the rhythm of your breath. Accepting that change is the only true constant in life is necessary to value that everything is temporary. Nothing is ever the same. And that’s not a bad thing.

This time in our lives, and in history, is unprecedented. Current commentary around the impact of COVID-19 references our “new normal” … a pause in our busy lives to focus on what’s most important. The very idea of a “pause” suggests we are all just hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass. It suggests that once we are through the worst of this, our lives will go back to what they were before. Why would we want them to? Why would we want to go back to a life that prioritizes what ISN’T important? Assuming we will go back to what was, assumes we didn’t learn anything from this experience. And that we didn’t grow from it or make different choices moving forward. I don’t want it to be the same. I want it to be better.

You are already changed by this. Our country is already changed by this. Our world is already changed by this. And there is a message here. Change is not in your control. The future is not in your control. What happens around you is not in your control.

The universal reaction to fear is control … because control is safety. And safety has become associated with what is the same. Our society is built on mechanisms to give you a sense of control … safety … same. School. Work. Marriage. 9 to 5. Laws. Rules. Have to’s. Should. Have you ever been in control of what happens around you? You assume so. You assume tomorrow will be similar to today. You assume your loved ones, your relationships, your work will be the same tomorrow. You assume YOU have all the time in the world. COVID-19 shows us how false and dangerous that belief of control really is.

So, what would your life be like if you accepted that change is constant and temporary? What if you embraced change as opportunity? What if you used it to learn how resilient and powerful you really are? If reality is just a construct anyway, why not create a better one?

From my perspective, SEISMIC CHANGE is an opportunity to pay attention, create purpose, set intention, get curious, be surprised and to receive, feel and give love, appreciation and gratitude. These are 100% in your control. Right now. Because they come from within you. These are the things that connect us. These are the things that could unite us. These are the things that are most important. Ever-changing in breadth, depth and intensity.

Just like you.

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