Laura Miolla

Hi, so I have a little bit of a rant today. And I hope you indulge me because I just want to get it out there. I live in New England, which means we have four seasons. Yay, but it means our summer is incredibly short and it's meant to be cherished as long as it lasts. So, I'm going on vacation. And I'm actually going with my former partner, since we're re-negotiating and trying to re-design this relationship. And he had said to me, in talking about the vacation, that he didn't think bikinis were sexy. He thought one-piece swimsuits were the sexiest of all the swimsuits on women. And so, you know, a day later here, I'm on Amazon looking up one-piece swimsuits. And I had to stop myself and say "what am I doing? What am I doing"? Uh, of everything in the swimsuit world, one-piece swimsuits for women are the most inconvenient, the most challenging and difficult because it's really hard to pee in them! That's why I don't have them in the first place. I actually prefer the tankini because, you know, the baby bulge and all that, you know. So, I was just like what am I doing? And I realized it was this knee-jerk reaction to "oh, you know, I want to be sexy" ... but it wasn't MY version of sexy. It was his. I'm not here to please him. That's his job. It's not mine. So, I did not purchase any one-piece swimsuits because it doesn't matter what he thinks. It only matters, you know, what I see in myself, you know, through the eyes of my inner wisdom, not my Inner Judge.And I just wanted to share that with you because we are all susceptible to these knee-jerk reactions telling us what we have to be, what we should be, especially in relationships. So, really prioritize your relationship with yourself first and let that be your guide. That's what I want for you.

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