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You’re just one step away from getting the knowledge and tools you need to stop your divorce chaos, get organized and feel confident in managing this divorce process with grace. Imagine. What will it feel like to know you can tackle this? What will it feel like to embrace your power and open the door to peace in your life? Amazing, right?

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“It’s never too late to make changes and to find the path that is right for you. Life coaching with Laura helped me find places in my life and my thinking where I had become stuck. Her perceptive questions and assignments challenged me to re-examine how I viewed myself, my experiences, and my world. Some discoveries shocked me. The new perspectives I gained through Laura’s coaching have led me to make some amazing changes in my life. Be warned though, participating in life coaching is not for the faint-of-heart—you will have to take a hard look at yourself and recognize what you have been doing that isn’t working for you and then you will need to have a good amount of courage to start doing something different. Life coaching helped me discover facets of myself that I didn’t even knew existed. I am now venturing into new things that reflect the passions and life purpose that had been buried inside me all these years and were only able to be uncovered, recognized, and appreciated through the insights gained from Laura’s coaching.” — Merrilee

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