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You’re just one step away from getting the knowledge and tools you need to stop your divorce chaos, get organized and feel confident in managing this divorce process with grace. Imagine. What will it feel like to know you can tackle this? What will it feel like to embrace your power and open the door to peace in your life? Amazing, right?

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“After I left my ex and moved out of the house, and before I found Laura. I didn’t even know that divorce coaches existed. Following a few therapy sessions, I googled looking for a life coach as I really wanted to move forward fast. Soon, I realized that it, unfortunately, wasn’t possible. I had to face the stages of grief since I was still very much in love with my ex and I had to start a new life. It was overwhelming and extremely painful at times. Laura gave me hope. She held my hand in the first 7 months and I couldn’t have done it without her. I’m still going through the divorce process, but it’s not as challenging as it was at the beginning. I needed someone who knew the ins and outs of the process as I was lost, cut off from the circle of our friends (which was my choice) and my family overseas. The only thing I knew was that no matter what, I needed to keep my grace and dignity. It was so challenging at times, especially since I was subjected to numerous manipulations from my ex … but Laura helped me see the bigger picture when all I could see was the fog. I am deeply grateful for her support, understanding and patience, unlimited email support (which was invaluable) and for her professionalism throughout the process. In addition, Laura helped me with my career and marketing for my new business. Divorce is a huge life changing event and it has its challenges. We can’t do it alone. Family and friends are told give us the support we need. Though, no one fully understands the ins and outs of the process and the pain that it brings like Laura, who has been there herself and has a passion to help us get through to the other side and become even stronger and independent. This divorce has changed me as a person, and with Laura’s help, I found myself again. I would recommend Laura to anyone who wants to turn their divorce into a positive event in their lives … no matter how difficult and contradictory it is at the start of the process. It has so many learning curves and lessons … and Laura is very good at identifying them and helping one grow.” – Marina

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