How Are You Showing Up In Your Life?

In this week’s video, I’m posing a question that folks rarely ask themselves … how are you showing up in your life? And what does showing up even mean? Why do I need to do it? Watch my brief video to learn my perspective on showing up! And what happens to your relationships when you don’t?

All of our relationships are co-created … which mean they depend on the mutual energy and attention of both parties. So, when one person is temporarily checked out, there are consequences. Most people don’t even realize that they aren’t really showing up in their lives. They go through the motions … and as long as nothing bad happens, they assume that this is what life is all about. It isn’t. Not showing up is a numbing strategy that insulates us from experience in a way that has far-reaching consequences on every personal and professional relationship we have. So, think about YOUR life. Where are you not showing up? And why? 

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