What Do You REALLY Have To Lose?

By Laura Miolla


You want to make change in your life … but you don’t. Why? What do you REALLY have to lose in your life? Believing you have anything to lose by moving forward … in any way… will actually stop you from moving forward at all. Watch my brief video to dispel the beliefs that stop you from making positive change.


Too often, people don’t go after what they want in life. They are convinced that any attempt to make their life better will actually cause them to LOSE something. Why? What will you lose? And how can you lose anything if you are making powerful choices?

Every one has a different relationship with risk. And yet, there are several common elements. Firstly, risk is always giving you a future scenario. And you are powerless in the future. You aren’t there yet. And it tells you that everything around you is more powerful than you. It takes your power out of the equation completely. So, you need to be present … here … now … to fully own your power and know in your heart that you are in control. Secondly, fear is ALWAYS the voice of your fear … never one of knowledge.

The metaphor I like to use when talking about risk is this … you are standing on a sidewalk and want to cross the street. The voice of your fear tells you … Don’t! Don’t step off the curb! You’ll get hit by a bus!. Whereas, the voice of your inner wisdom tells you … Go ahead! Just look both ways! You;ll be fine. So, try to identify the voice of your inner wisdom. Believe in your own power to create what you want. And then, you will never be losing anything. You’ll be stepping into your power!

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