Laura Miolla

I want you to know that your voice is unique in this world and that's because YOU are unique in this world. There's never been anyone like you on this planet and there never will be. So, regardless of whether it was you or someone else who constructed the "story," the "narrative," the storyteller inherently leaves a mark on how that story is told, but not necessarily a lasting one. Think about it all those productions of Shakespeare throughout time. Same words ,completely different interpretations ,through voice, which is created from among other things, perspective. Perspective is past memory combined with knowledge that you gain through experience combined with imagination. Future fear. Future desire. And then we throw in some other things like inflection, tone, accent, rhythm, pace, volume, feeling, physical expression. All of that makes your voice unique which makes your interpretation of that story unique. You are in control of all of that. It's also the basis for things like method acting, politics, PR, marketing, media. But I want you to know ... you have a voice. It is unique to you. Let's make it count.

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