This One SIMPLE Shift Can Change Everything In Your Life!

By Laura Miolla


Perspective is everything. Learn how to make one simple shift that will improve the quality of your life … regardless of the chaos going on around you.

Apparently, this is the time, more than any other time of the year, when we’re allowed to dream. The New Year is a time when we’re supposed to write down our goals or resolutions for the coming year. Fueled by our dreams, it is oh, so attractive to get swept up in the adrenalin rush of all the things we could achieve. Unfortunately, resolutions set us up for failure. Resolutions are traps because they are based on the premise that we just need to “do” more to get what we want. And those resolutions are based on what we DON’T HAVE …. and now, we are focused on what we lack. It is a perspective of scarcity. Nothing good comes from that perspective.

So, rather than fail again this year, I invite you to tap into GRATITUDE instead. Focus on what you love in your life. Let it make you feel good that those things are in your life. We attract good or bad experiences based on our thoughts … based on who we choose to “be” in our lives. Our perception of the world is purely interpretation. Whatever we believe in, and observe, is created by the very fact that we believe it and are observing it. Our thoughts literally create the universe we live in. And because “like attracts like,” thinking about something means you invite it in – whether you want it or not. So, focus on the positive and let the Universe do the work to add more abundance to your life.

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