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Discover The Power & Support Of Group Coaching For Divorce!

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Join my SIGNATURE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM for PROFESSIONAL WOMEN to get off the emotional roller coaster of divorce and gain the knowledge, tools, support and strategy to move forward from a confident position of power.

Whether you are on the fence about divorce or absolutely determined to move forward, this program will give you keen clarity on the best path for YOU ... as well as critical leadership skills and techniques to be empowered in this negotiation AND all parts of your life.

I'm Invested In YOUR Success!

Why? As women, we are not equal in our society. We receive less pay than a man in the same job. We receive less opportunity, less promotion, less recognition. As professional women, we are working hard to crack that glass ceiling, but we also carry most of the burden at home too. And yet, the court system in the United States is 50/50. So, if you make more money in your marriage,, you WILL be paying your spouse spousal support and child support (if you have children, with 50/50 physical custody). Women also take a financial hit in a divorce that typically takes 4 - 6 years to recover from ... while a man's income remains the same or increases post-divorce. It isn't fair is it? The system is rigged against us. My mission is to change that.

Why is this program designed for PROFESSIONAL women. Quite simply, you have more to lose.


We can't do that though until we are EMPOWERED ... PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY and FINANCIALLY. And to truly be empowered in divorce, you need to KNOW the playing field. You need to KNOW the REALITY of this process and not what you've seen on television. You need to get off the EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER so you can make decisions you are proud of. You need to PREPARE.  You need to know WHAT YOU WANT. And you have to have the VOICE to negotiate for your future. THAT is what this REALLY about ... YOU gaining everything you need to negotiate for your future from a CONFIDENT POSITION OF POWER.

If you move forward with the RIGHT preparation, you can accelerate this process and save HUGE money in legal fees. Remember, all of your money needs to support YOUR future, not go down the drain in unnecessary legal fees!

I want you living a DIAMOND LIFE! And you can't do that unless you are MAKING MONEY and SAVING MONEY. So, let me help you do this the RIGHT WAY.

I Know What It's Like. I've Been Where You Are. I See You.


I’m still incredibly angry about how women are treated in this process. In addition to becoming a Professional Certified Coach, I also trained in Collaborative Divorce and became certified as a Mediator and Parentology Coach ... to better understand this challenging this process AND decode it for YOU so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

It's also important to me that you DON'T DO THIS ALONE! Through sisterhood, we can learn together and rise together. And when you’re going through a divorce … even if you both want it … you will experience challenges only a group can help you overcome. Join my program and receive the support of like-minded women who are in this chaos TOGETHER!

when women support each other

What Will You Gain From Your Investment?

  • Knowledge About The Divorce Process
  • Clarity Regarding The Best Path Forward For YOU
  • Mindset Tools
  • Decision-Making Tools
  • Empowerment Tools
  • Embodiment Tools
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Community Support A NEW Sense Of Empowered Self!
  • Opportunity To Join A DEEP DIVE MASTERMIND: Divorcing A Narcissist ... Limited Seats!
  • Opportunity To Schedule 1:1 Coaching With Laura Or Caroline

Program Details

  • Program Start: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
  • Program End: Wednesday, April 22, 2020
  • Program Time: 12pm - 1pm ET / 9am - 10am PT
  • Eight One-Hour sessions (2 per month)
  • Conducted over Zoom AND recorded, so if you miss one ... you can replay it at any time
  • Dial into Zoom on our phone, video conference via computer or listen to the replay
  • Access to the MESS To MOXIE private Facebook group to share experiences, community and support
  • Weekly Facebook Live to answer questions we don't have time to cover in our sessions

Invest In YOURSELF, Change Your LIFE

Enroll before December 31, 2019 and receive our special early registration rate of $249.25/month over 4 months.  You receive ALL the program benefits at HALF the standard rate ... AND first crack at grabbing one of the limited seats for the DEEP DIVE MASTERMIND: Divorcing A Narcissist and scheduling 1:1 coaching with Laura or Caroline.

Knowledge Is Power … And Powerful Women Are Unstoppable In Creating What They Want.

“Laura Miolla is more than a Transformational Life Coach. She has a magic wand that she waves with love and strategy to give her clients the best results. She creates truthful connections with empathy and clear pathways to success. I really appreciated her support for me in creating boundaries for myself, whilst navigating my divorce and securing my business through the process. I knew exactly where I was heading and took ownership of my personal power, unapologetically. I know when I have met a true professional gem because I now consider her to be a true friend and a stellar coach in any situation where women need understanding and actionable goals. She has a wide variety of tools and techniques which are well placed intuitively suited to a given situation based on your vast experience and intuitive insights. I have no hesitation in hiring Laura and recommending her highly, a great coach to have on your team and in your corner. I trust her without question.”

Marie Piazza

The Courageous Ageless Woman's Club (CAW)

“I had no idea where to start when I was fairly certain I wanted to file for divorce. A google search led me to divorce coaches and ultimately, I hired Laura to be my coach. Hiring Laura was the absolute best decision I could have made! I started this process scared, broken and unsure what to do first. That was 4 months ago. Through Laura’s coaching sessions, I have learned to define what I WANT for my future and I am now very confident in stating exactly what I want in the divorce agreement and have a clear vision for what I want the next chapter of my life to look like. If you are looking for someone that is compassionate, a good listener, who sets expectations and follows them for each coaching session, always meets with you as scheduled and is willing to work as hard as you are on your future then definitely hire Laura for your coach! Trust me – you will not regret it.”


“I started talking with Laura in the exact moment I needed her. I was in the middle of the process of my separation, and I didn’t know how to handle my feelings and emotions. Laura gave me the tools to search and dig into myself to find the strength and the light I needed in that moment to see things about myself I haven’t seen and to start living with the best that’s inside me. Now I can see that I am living closer to my real me, and leaving behind all that was hurting me and making me feel bad. I thank Laura for being part of this process, and walking by my side in this difficult moment.” 


“Laura was the person who knew the most about my divorce. She always tried to calm me down, and to help me see the bigger picture. I loved having someone to talk to who was on my side but didn’t have a stake in the divorce in any way. She was able to support me through my very worst, worst days, when I was feeling very, very low. She was able to encourage me and push me when I needed it. Her perspective really helped me through possibly the hardest experience of my life to date. I am incredibly grateful.”


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