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Leadership is about a whole lot more than having a fancy title. What do you think it takes to be a great leader? Watch my brief video to gain insight into the #1 leadership skill you need to have (that no one is talking about).

As I discuss in this video, I was inspired by an interview with the CEO of Best Buy where he details his five key criteria for leadership. I absolutely agree with him on all five! His five critical signs of leadership include:

Be Purposeful

Be Clear About Your Role As A Leader

Be Clear About Who You Are Serving

Be Values-Driven

Be Authentic

These are incredibly important in our careers, but also our lives. And yet, the most important criteria I think he missed was to:


Not being attached to specific outcomes allow you to experience what is in the present and make powerful choices. It also enables you to make powerful change in the moment, so when a choice isn't serving you, you can quickly learn from it and move on. The corporate talks a big game about "failing fast" ... I haven't often seen it appreciated in my corporate career ... but man, I truly value "failing fast" in my own business. Not being attached to the outcome allows me be in constant motion in my business and pivot when necessary. I also don't invite the stress and pressure into my life of having to make something happen that is outside of my control.

Notice also that ALL of these criteria are focused on who you are BEING in your life. Leadership is NOT about what you DO ... it's about your mind-set ... who you choose to be with yourself and others, based on your unique value system. If you don't know what your values are ... or who you authentically are without all of your self-limiting beliefs ... then coaching is for YOU. I coach leadership because it is what matters most in living a purposeful, fulfilling life AND creating huge career success.  Schedule your strategic consultation with me below to explore how coaching can move you forward into positive change!

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