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Laura Miolla Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce

You’re learning all the techniques to become a great coach and are excited to launch your coaching business. You might even be taking a business-building course, but do you know how to create a revenue-generating coaching business? Most coaches don’t. And the statistics are clear.

The investment in becoming trained and certified as a coach is HUGE … and yet, most certified coaches don’t earn enough from full-time coaching to support themselves, never mind breaking even on their original investment. Only 10% of the coaching industry (I call them Rock Star Coaches) earn a solid six-figures or more in a year solely from coaching. If you aren’t a Rock Star Coach, it means you are cobbling coaching together with other types of income to make it work … or you are failing.

The coaching industry is growing year over year,
so why are so many coaches earning so little from it?

  • You became a coach to make a difference, but you don’t know how to create a revenue-generating business.
  • You don’t know who your ideal clients are or what will resonate with them
  • You don’t know how to differentiate yourself in a sea of other coaches.
  • You don’t have the confidence to value yourself as a coach … yet.

Time and time again, I hear new coaches asking the WRONG questions.

What niche should I focus on?

What’s the best way to get new clients?

What are the best marketing channels to use?

Believe me, there are PLENTY of established coaches who are more than willing to sell you THEIR secret sauce … at a premium … for how they became Rock Star Coaches. I’m sure you know the big names and have been bombarded with their Facebook ads saying … “If you just buy into my program around marketing, social media, group coaching programs, sales funnels, etc., it will be the key to your success.”

It isn’t YOUR secret sauce though ... and it never will be … which is why it won’t work.

Over 8 years ago, I was just like you .... working in Corporate America ... and wondering "IS THIS IT"? Is this REALLY all there is? Is this really all I CAN BE? Looking for aligned purpose, I became a CPCC. I remember being told in training that I couldn’t earn enough to live on as a coach unless I was doing corporate coaching … or maybe corporate coaching with some individual coaching … but I absolutely could not make it only doing individual coaching. I did it anyway.

I was also getting a divorce at the time … and believe me, my divorce took a whole lot longer than my CTI training and certification (if that tells you anything). So, I was a certified coach and finally divorced … angry about my divorce experience and wanting to change it for other women. And just like any other new coach, I asked all of the wrong questions. I was told I couldn’t make it if I included divorce as one of my coaching niches. Too many other people had tried and failed. Very few coaches were even trying to make it a real niche. And there was too much fear around money during divorce for clients to pay me enough. I did it anyway.

I was a single mom working a corporate gig and coaching part-time. I dreamed about the day I could become my own boss and call my own shots. I bought into a program to help me learn how to market on social media (with its ever-changing algorithms). I bought into a joint venture program thinking that collaboration would be the key. I hired a marketing company that I fired after 6 weeks. I hired an SEO company that I fired after a few months. And I failed … a lot.

You know what they say, right? Failure is our best teacher.

I learned my best lessons from failure.
I learned my best lessons about myself from failure.
And ultimately, I learned that I would keep failing if I continued to “do” coaching
like everyone else.

I learned there isn’t one secret sauce to getting clients or to charging an “appropriate” rate. I learned the things that DID work for me were the ones where I was fully engaged, present and passionate. I wrote an article a week for nine months to process and purge my divorce experience and in doing so, attracted my tribe. It worked because I was putting my voice, my experience, my vulnerability full-on out there without filters. Writing is my authentic channel and my voice is my medium.

This realization made me a better coach.
And it made me a better business owner.

Once I really knew my voice and my message, I expanded into different channels by hosting a radio show on divorce and creating a video series.

Now the possibilities are limitless. I learned that my business, my brand is … ME.

And my ideal clients resonate with me because they are like me in their experiences and perspectives.

Three years after becoming a coach, I made coaching my full-time gig. Two years after that, I hit Rock Star status.

Here Are A Few Things I Learned:

  • Coaching is not a practice; it is a business … and needs to be structured as such.
  • Authenticity is what differentiates you and drives your brand development.
  • Your brand is the foundation of your entire business.
  • Market to the problem, not the solution … but always coach the person.
  • Your ideal clients will resonate with your brand message.
  • Your value as a coach is defined by you and no one else.
  • Your secret sauce is unique to you and only you.

As a person, as a coach, as a business … you have to define your BEING and let that drive the DOING. Sound familiar?



No wonder other coaches can’t magically transfer their success to you. That’s just the DOING … without the BEING that is unique to you. And the exciting news is that everything you are learning about yourself in training and certification are the EXACT building blocks for your brand development and coaching business! We just need to apply them through a business lens to YOU. And we can do that in parallel with your training to fast track your business.

So, why am I telling you this? What does it mean for YOU?

Let me first tell you, I’m NOT offering you an exclusive seat in a hot, new program that is selling out fast … for a price of $12,000 or more … but discounted ... just for you ... if you register in the next 24 hours.

What I AM offering is one-on-one coach mentoring to help you find your authentic voice, your brand and your message to build a revenue-generating coaching business … in weeks or months, not years. This is deep work that takes your coach training further in a way that is uniquely personal and intimate for you. And I’ll share some revenue-generating business structure tips along the way.

There are so many parts of this business where you don’t have to re-create the wheel … but the most important ones … your authenticity, your identity, your brand … is uniquely yours to create. And you can. This is the work that most coaches fail to do. And isn’t it ironic? Cobbler’s children without shoes. Also, we do this work to create positive impact, and yet, we are sabotaging ourselves and the world when we don’t create viable businesses as the very platform to sustain and maximize that impact.

With coach mentoring, I don’t lock you into any kind of program or agreement. We move forward on a month to month basis with YOU in the driver’s seat. You choose how many sessions you want in a month and we can go as fast as you like (with 2 sessions per month at a minimum). I only ask for a month’s notice to complete our coaching relationship. And as a professional courtesy, I charge fellow coaches a discounted rate of $350 per session. And you can be in Fast Track while you are in certification, with me as your certification coach, if you want to uplevel your coaching AND your coaching business at the same time. Learn more about my Boost certification program to explore the best fit. 

This is your investment in getting to the heart of your identity and business … fast … rather than losing valuable time, money and energy with the hit or miss approach that’s already failed so many other coaches.

Client Love

Emily C.

“Working with Laura is hands down the best decision I’ve made for myself and my business. Before working with her, I had a vision for my business, but was stuck on how exactly to get there. Laura not helped me make this dream a reality, but has shown me so much more than I thought I was ever capable of. Building a business is more than tactics and marketing plans. It’s a constant emotional roller coaster. But Laura is there every step of the way to help you navigate the ups and down and bust through any roadblocks in your way. Fast Track lives up to its name. If you’re serious about your business, are ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone to make things happen, then you need to work with Laura now.”

Emily Citrone

Emily Citrone Coaching

Caroline Colleen

“I have a thriving empowered coaching mindset thanks to Laura Miolla's fast track coaching program! She's intense, caring, full of integrity, a wealth of knowledge & experience & just AMAZING! She has an intuitive, professional & warm way of guiding you to the most exceptional version of yourself! I can't fully express in words how I've elevated & expanded my business, mindset, greater purpose & life working with her! Her greatest asset is her ability to support you in a way that is highly customized & still results-oriented. This is not some cookie-cutter program forcing you to re-adjust or water down your brand, this laser focus on bringing your brand from black & white to full-color & 3-dimensional!! You will not regret working with her!”

Caroline Colleen

Caroline Colleen Coaching

Jacqueline Neuwirth

"Laura has made a huge impact on helping me navigate my career transition. She asks bold and powerful questions that get to the heart of the matter. Her insights were pivotal in helping me arrive at the best decisions and identify what I needed to do to move forward. In fact, it was in our very first coaching session that I had a huge aha moment that shifted my path in such an incredible way. I am so grateful for her insight! Her values-centered guidance challenged me throughout our coaching. She is not only an amazing coach but also a caring mentor. As my mentor coach during my training at Co-Active Training Institute, Laura’s guidance was so effective in helping me through the program. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and incorporating them into my coaching. Throughout our work together, I knew she was rooting for me and cared deeply. Her follow-through is remarkable, and she has an incredibly positive attitude. Thank you Laura!"

Jacqueline Neuwirth

Jacqueline Neuwirth Coaching


"As the coach who is best known for saying "there is no script for your vision" - it means everything for me to build and grow a truly authentic business.  Laura was already my leadership coach, and, I KNEW she was the one to help me get to my next level as a coach.  Because I do not believe in being committed to outcomes, I struggled with the concept of fast-tracking my coaching could this be possible?  Well, it was...and it was painful at times...because with Laura, you go deep...deep into YOU.  I help my clients by guiding them to align their internal desire with the choices they make and the actions they take.  Laura's deep dive approach is effective - fast - because she unapologetically guides you to your desire for your business and works with you to create your authentic blueprint for each step of the way.  I show up, be real, establish clarity, do the work; and the world hears my song!"

Ebony Green

Ebony Green Coaching


Schedule a conversation with me to learn more, explore our fit and chart a path forward towards creating your authentic AND profitable coaching business!

I want you to be the BEST coach you can be.

I want you charging a FULL RATE from your very first weekend of coach training.

I want your CLIENTS PAYING for your certification.

And I want you to have a PROFITABLE coaching business, so you can scale this critical work.

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