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Laura Miolla

If you're headed into CTI certification, it tells me a lot about you. You want to contribute to making this world a better place. You want to create high-level impact for your clients. You want to be a GREAT coach. Your training only scratched the surface of the CTI coaching methodology though.

The next stage, certification, is specifically designed to give you a deeper understanding and practical mastery of the methodology, while also challenging you to make it your own. As your certification coach, I'm with you every step of the way to squeeze all the juice out this experience and empower you with insight, perspective, experience and compassion. Together, we slay your inner critics, lean into the CTI model, learn what's underneath and dance with the coach you are becoming.  Let's go!

The Basics

The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) requires that your Certification Coach must have earned the Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) designation through CTI and either the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Your Certification Coach must have both of these designations at least 1 month prior to your start date (according to the current version of the Certification Program Information Packet.)

I am a CPCC, PCC and am also a certified Mediator and Parentology Coach. I have been trained in the Neuroscience of Change, Positive Intelligence and The Foundations of Great Coaching. I created a successful 6-figure coaching business providing 1:1 coaching around divorce, brand, business development and leadership before I even considered coaching coaches. Kind of seems all over the place, right? While they seem incredibly disparate, they are connected based on how we show up, stand out, play by our own rules and make bank. And since my mission is for women to take over the world, it is important that we are personally, professionally and financially empowered. My business is ever-evolving and your success as a coach is a part of that. You can't have the impact you want in this world if you AREN'T showing up powerfully and valuing the unique perspective only you can offer.

I work with coaches as a certification coach and as a business development mentor in my Fast Track program. Both programs can be combined to have you hit the ground running, making money and expanding your reach. Ultimately, this is about YOUR journey and both of my programs provide 1:1 coaching and mentoring to flex with you to create what you want in a powerful way.

My Structure

CTI requires that you meet with your certification coach at least once a month. That's not enough to truly keep you on track and in it to win it through the dip and beyond. If you choose to work with me as your certification coach, we would work together on a month to month basis. I don't lock you into a long-term agreement. You are in the driver's seat. And I only require one month's notice to complete our alliance. I trust that the value you will be getting from our work together is enough. You can choose weekly or bimonthly sessions for a total of 2 or 4 in a month. And you can change that from month to month depending upon what are you experiencing in certification. My model is designed to flex with YOU. I charge fellow coaches a discounted rate of $350 per session, which is discounted further if you are also in my Fast Track program

Certification coaches comes in all shapes and flavors. My core values are integrity, respect and independence. I take your success very seriously and bring those values into our relationship to provide perspective, challenge and encouragement. We will also explore the CTI model further with skills drills and coaching role plays. My clients also have access to me in between sessions via email and brief calls (if necessary) at no additional cost. 

Client Love

Emily C.

“Working with Laura is hands down the best decision I’ve made for myself and my business. Before working with her, I had a vision for my business, but was stuck on how exactly to get there. Laura not helped me make this dream a reality, but has shown me so much more than I thought I was ever capable of. Building a business is more than tactics and marketing plans. It’s a constant emotional roller coaster. But Laura is there every step of the way to help you navigate the ups and down and bust through any roadblocks in your way. Fast Track lives up to its name. If you’re serious about your business, are ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone to make things happen, then you need to work with Laura now.”

Emily Citrone

Emily Citrone Coaching

Caroline Colleen

“I have a thriving empowered coaching mindset thanks to Laura Miolla's fast track coaching program! She's intense, caring, full of integrity, a wealth of knowledge & experience & just AMAZING! She has an intuitive, professional & warm way of guiding you to the most exceptional version of yourself! I can't fully express in words how I've elevated & expanded my business, mindset, greater purpose & life working with her! Her greatest asset is her ability to support you in a way that is highly customized & still results-oriented. This is not some cookie-cutter program forcing you to re-adjust or water down your brand, this laser focus on bringing your brand from black & white to full-color & 3-dimensional!! You will not regret working with her!”

Caroline Colleen

Caroline Colleen Coaching

Jacqueline Neuwirth

"Laura has made a huge impact on helping me navigate my career transition. She asks bold and powerful questions that get to the heart of the matter. Her insights were pivotal in helping me arrive at the best decisions and identify what I needed to do to move forward. In fact, it was in our very first coaching session that I had a huge aha moment that shifted my path in such an incredible way. I am so grateful for her insight! Her values-centered guidance challenged me throughout our coaching. She is not only an amazing coach but also a caring mentor. As my mentor coach during my training at Co-Active Training Institute, Laura’s guidance was so effective in helping me through the program. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and incorporating them into my coaching. Throughout our work together, I knew she was rooting for me and cared deeply. Her follow-through is remarkable, and she has an incredibly positive attitude. Thank you Laura!"

Jacqueline Neuwirth

Jacqueline Neuwirth Coaching

Thelma Horton

“Words are so powerful and for me to find the words to capture my experience of working with Laura as my professional mentor coach for CTI certification has been challenging.  I want everyone who reads my testimony to really get the significance of my experience and the impact working with Laura has had and continues to have in my personal, professional, and business life.  My personal dream is to be a CTI and ICF certified coach.  I did not fully have the confidence to fearlessly pursue what I believed in my heart is mine.  She got me there - to see, recognize, and to know my value and to stand unapologetically for what I know is my reality.  At the same time, she supported me in understanding the value of my life experiences, my expertise as a professional coach, and how to translate that into one powerful golden nugget - my brand!  My love for myself has grown, my love for my chosen profession continues to deepen and expand.  I feel challenged and championed, prepared to fully live in my purpose!”

Thelma Horton

Thelma Horton Coaching


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