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Laura Miolla, MoxieLife Coach

“Eighty Percent of Success Is Showing Up.”

Laura Miolla helps professionals successfully navigate and use DISRUPTIVE CHANGE as a springboard into POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION. This can be change that is thrust upon you … divorce, illness, job transition. Or it can be change that you want … starting a business, career advancement or business growth. Please visit moxielifeleadership.com for leadership and brand development coaching programs and resources.

Self-limiting beliefs associate disruptive change with chaos. And yet, the only constant in life is change … meaning there will ALWAYS be chaos. Achieving personal and professional success requires you to step into LEADERSHIP and achieve true mastery over yourself and your actions … regardless of the chaos around you. Leadership equals resilience in the face of change. And from this place, you will impact the world around you … based on what you are creating from within. And THAT is the impact I want to help you create.

My purpose is to help professionals successfully navigate DISRUPTIVE CHANGE, such as divorce, through leadership and brand development. My clients embrace their authenticity from new perspectives and achieve their potential with vision, clarity, purpose and passion. The far-reaching impact of my work is nothing less than the positive transformation of clients’ personal lives, professional careers and overall health.

Based in the United States, I have coached individuals all over the world including the United States, Canada, Spain, Kenya, Colombia, Singapore and the UK. I earned an MA from Tufts University and am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute and a certified Mediator in Massachusetts. I also hosted a radio show – Divorce Sucks: A Smart Girls’ Guide To Doing It Better on VoiceAmerica in early 2015.

My professional background includes 20+ years in management, leadership, strategy and business development serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, in specific roles such as Vice President Business Development, Consultant and Advisory Board member. I’m also a writer, with articles published in Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine, Parents Magazine, Thought Catalog, Care2, Working Mother Magazine, Babble, Unlocked Magazine and Solo Parent Magazine.

I am also divorced with two young children. My divorce process took two and a half years and a huge bite out of my bank account. I worked all those years in Corporate America … climbing the corporate ladder … only to lose half of my retirement money AND pay my ex child support (even with 50/50 custody). I learned the hard way how rigged the system really is for professional women. Yet, it also brought me here … to my new life … doing what I love. It also changed how I live and work and play. I live better, with a dedicated focus on balance and health. I work smarter, with perspective and purpose. And I play harder, with joy and a huge amount of gratitude.

I created MoxieLife with 4 key cornerstones or beliefs:

1. Divorce is a gift … to you and your partner. It’s a gift to leave an unfulfilling relationship and create the life you want. It’s a gift to allow and embrace pure freedom to walk the path you choose for yourself. And it’s a gift to know that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You can grow and evolve from this experience and create the life you want. And so can your partner. Not doing so would deny your partner of that opportunity.

2. Divorce is the dissolution of a legal contract, not your family. You can preserve and even enrich your family relationships during and after divorce. You just need clarity and intention to create what you want.

3. Our jobs as parents is not to shield our children from change … it’s to teach them resilience in the face of change. Remember, you are teaching them how to live life based on how you live yours.

4. Divorce is an opportunity to step into your power and leadership. To truly be successful in this process, you need to own it by taking charge in this process and in your life. Using your leadership skills here will help you create the personal and professional opportunities you want.

The bumps in the road aren’t meant to stop you. They’re there to help you learn something you need … to get to the next step. And they’re there to help you appreciate that you are walking (running, jumping, leaping) on your the path at all.


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