Ebony Green
Associate Coach

Ebony Green

As an Associate Coach at MoxieLife, I empower you to align what you do with who you are... which then becomes the platform for meaningful – yet powerful – leadership, entrepreneurship, collaborations and impact.

Without authenticity, you feel frustration, rage and stuck as you struggle in a cycle you just can't escape by yourself.  The larger your degree of marginalization, the more support you need to escape this cycle.  Every time you start to see a glimpse of the person you want to be ... you find it difficult to envision the path to move forward.  You slip back into socially acceptable and respectable habits to fit in and earn the right to be visible in all your light.

Aren't you tired of that crap? Aren't you tired of repeating those same soul-draining patterns over and over again? I sure was!

I've been there – pissed off and hopelessly lost in an isolated and enraging place.  I was a MoxieLife client in the dark days before I became unapologetically seen in all of my glorious impact.  But first, I had to do the internal work, reintroduce myself to my inner light, learn to be and then do – all so that I could be led by desire to be powerfully authentic with unapologetic visibility and impact.

My breakthrough started with a "light bulb" moment when I finally realized I was more upset than clear on how to move forward.  That I simply didn’t have the words or the next steps – for once – and needed to go within to tap in the source for intuitive guidance.  I was constantly trying to figure out what was wrong instead of moving with what was right – I didn’t know how to get in touch with my inner sage.  As a master strategist, I had this crazy idea that I could control all things that I could strategize, plan, and execute well enough.

Boom: having our miracle child close to forty changed all of that – I completely freaked out!  How was I going to run my consulting business and grow my new coaching business while learning to be a mom after thinking I couldn’t be one?  Through all the doubts, the woke fears for my young black son, the isolating imposter syndrome, and many conversations with other great leaders and coaches – I found a solid connection to my Moxie!  I figured out how others who feel that their marginalization is holding them back from being great can be authentic and shine on with intense, unwavering power!

I became a coach to use MY journey as a voice that leads others to their path to powerful authenticity.  There are too many people living in unnecessary restraints... just as mad and angry as I used to be.  Now, I'm the impact warrior that empowers marginalized people with confident, authentic action.

I am excited about walking hand in hand with you to CENTER what you do with your authentic being, CREATE the strength to choose who to show up to be no matter what the world throws your way and then lead others to CHANGE so your world benefits from the power of your own MOXIE!  Integrity, empowerment, and justice are the core values that uniquely equip me to serve you in a way that gives you and those you lead a greater sense of agency.  It's my heartfelt desire to guide you in your own leadership journey from madness to greatness.

Let’s Find YOUR Moxie!

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Moxie Means ...

Self-possessed confidence

An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances

The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor

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