What is MOXIE?

MOXIE means “an attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances.”  And MOXIELIFE COACHING is for WOMEN IN BUSINESS … who mean business … when it comes to WINNING IN DIVORCE

Divorce is a fear-inducing, soul-crushing and gut-wrenching transition in your life. And if you’re a woman who owns your own business … or works in Corporate America … then the emotional, legal, financial AND professional impact of your divorce will be much greater … quite simply, because you have more to lose.

Here are the facts:

  • Just under 50% of marriages end in divorce … and the majority of those divorces are initiated by women.
  • Those very same women are knocked back financially at least 4 – 6 years after a divorce … while a man’s income remains the same or increases.
  • We already make 21% – 54% less than men in the SAME JOBS.
  • Yet, the court system wants to see 50/50 agreements … even though women work a lot harder for the same buck.

How are 50/50 agreements even possible when our society isn’t 50/50? When our pay isn’t 50/50? When our access to opportunity isn’t 50/50?  You worked really hard to get where you are today … and yet, none of that will matter in a divorce.

Increasingly in our society, professional women are the financial breadwinners in the family … juggling a career, while also managing the majority of the family needs at home. It’s already a balancing act … one which is unsustainable when your partner just isn’t a partner in supporting you in all the ways you need. I know. I’ve been there. When you realize the personal cost of all that juggling … on your mind, body and spirit … then it will all come tumbling down. And as a professional woman, the impact is not just on your marriage and your lifestyle, but also on your career.

Divorce … and the long, drawn out process of separation and divorce …  is hugely stressful, crazy expensive and downright painful. Your entire identity is turned upside down and everything you thought you knew and relied on is gone. In my case, I questioned everything and I can only imagine you will too.

  • How will you know your marriage is really over?
  • How will you stop this divorce from costing you emotionally, legally and financially?
  • How will you best move forward in this legal process?
  • How will you trust you’re making the right decisions?
  • How will you deal with your inner critics who might be telling you this is a failure and you’ve let everyone down?
  • Who are YOU now you are no longer part of this couple?
  • How do you envision a future, beyond this separation or divorce, you are excited about?

Work with me … before, during or after your divorce … to gain the knowledge, tools and support you need to minimize the impact of divorce on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being … as well as on your family and professional career. Through coaching, you will step into your power, lead this process and gain the clarity to know what YOUR answers are.

And know … the impact of coaching will not only help you save valuable time, money and sanity in the divorce process … but also support your growth and evolution as a leader in your career and industry. You need it. Our society needs it. Our world needs it.


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“I started talking with Laura in the exact moment I needed her. I was in the middle of the process of my separation, and I didn’t know how to handle my feelings and emotions. Laura gave me the tools to search and dig into myself to find the strength and the light I needed in that moment to see things about myself I haven’t seen and to start living with the best that’s inside me. Now I can see that I am living closer to my real me, and leaving behind all that was hurting me and making me feel bad. I thank Laura for being part of this process, and walking by my side in this difficult moment.” — Barbara

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