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Meaningful Communication For Powerful Relationships, Leadership + Brand

You are in communication all the time. Internally. Externally. Verbally. Non-verbally. Consciously. Unconsciously. Every thought. Every word. Every movement of your body. So, how intentional are you in your language? What is it doing for you? What is it telling others about you? Is it creating what you want?

You want to be seen, heard, acknowledged + valued. You want resonance in your relationships. You want purpose in your work. YOU WANT TO MATTER. 

Communication is how meaning is created. It’s how you know what’s important. It’s how you choose where to focus your attention + effort. Without intention though, it’s just noise. So, how can anyone, including you, know what’s meaningful + differentiated about you? You’re relying on others to fill in the blank, make a guess or, worse, decide who you are for themselves. And now your circumstances define you. Every bump in the road, lost promotion or deal down the drain is crushing. And you think it's out of your control.

As a Meaningful Communication coach, I help you create clear intention with whathow you communicate with yourselfothers centered on what matters most to you. It positions you to better negotiate in your interactions. It gives purpose + direction to your relationships, brand + leadership and gives back resonance, alignment, connection + confidence. THIS IS HOW YOU MATTER.

MoxieLife Meaningful Communication

How Connected Are You?

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Whatever you think, feel or believe about yourself is what you transmit into the world around you, whether you realize it or not. So, if you haven't clearly defined your value for yourself, you are communicating confusion, rather than confidence. And that confusion is reflected right back at you in your personal + professional relationships through assumptions, misunderstandings + conflict. You're stuck in a negative feedback loop where people's choices are based on their assumptions of you + your choices are based on trying to be who you think they want. You have an opportunity to clearly define + communicate what matters TO you to create resonance, alignment + connection in all of your relationships.


How Differentiated Are You?

Your brand is what differentiates you from everyone else in this world. It communicates what matters ABOUT you, since that is what you stand for + what allows you to stand out. Differentiation is hard in our post-truth world, where we are bombarded by rapid-fire + mostly meaningless messaging attempting to capture our attention + energy. Amidst all the noise, it's hard to know what's real. Rather than contribute to that noise, you have an opportunity to stand out by creating your differentiated voice, your personal and professional brand.  And if you don't define it, you are inviting others to do it for you ... to guess ... based on their limited impressions of you. That puts them in the driver's seat, not you. So, don't let fear of the spotlight minimize your voice + minimize you.


How Passionate Are You?

Leadership is not defined by title or position. It's not top-down or command + control (though many people like to think so). And it's not about how many people choose to follow you. Leadership is about creating a vision for positive change. That vision is the path you walk, as well as the choices you make along the way, to create what you want for yourself and, potentially, for others. When rooted in what matters to you, your ownership + communication of that vision is so meaningful, it inspires you + others to connect with purpose and work together to make positive change, regardless of the obstacles. Inspiration is how you put what matters to you + about you into ACTION for yourself + with others to create what you want. Know your value. Be willing to stand out. Make resonant choices based only on what matters to you.

The Opposite Of Communication Is Not Silence, It's Disconnection.

Your body is your brain. Your senses gather data from the outside world + your brain tells you what it means, as it continually scans for threat. The problem is your mind can't distinguish between what's real + what's imagined. Any perceived threat throws you into the Fear-Stress Cycle. And fear-based choices only create what you don't want. You can't access creativity, process information, retain memory, regulate emotion, reflect or learn. The flood of stress hormones weakens your immune system, lowers bone density + increases weight, blood pressure + cholesterol. Anxiety + depression is created from future fear.

Your truth comes from you alone, so you need to silence self-limiting beliefs + create your own meaning. You need balance of stress + stimulation to gain clarity, which gives new knowledge, capability + confidence. You need to be attuned + aligned with yourself, so you control your attention + energy. Meaningful communication frees you from the Fear-Stress Cycle to create positive + present mind-body-spirit alignment and give you powerful positioning, for powerful negotiation, in every part of your life. 

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What Matters About Me?

LauraMiolla Headshot

I am a Professional Certified Coach, Consultant + Mediator trained in Co-Active Coaching methodology, Neuroscience + Shadow Work. With a 20+ career in sales + marketing, brand development, management, leadership + corporate strategy, I was listed as one of Boston's best business consultants in 2021 by Expertise, hosted a national radio show in 2015 + have numerous publications across the Internet. 

I primarily, but not exclusively, work with female business owners, executives, entrepreneurs + coaches to create authentic communication for resonance, confidence, connection + differentiation. My clients connect with their value, become intentional about their internal + external language and express their authenticity with clarity + confidence for positive personal + professional impact. You are not a victim of what is happening around or to you. Now, you are playing your game, by your rules.

Kristine Merz

“Working with Laura has been one of the best investments I have made in myself. It has allowed me to grow, find my leadership style and achieve my highest goals and aspirations both personally and professionally. It has helped me move past the things that were holding me back, things I wasn’t even aware of. The impact, transformation and clarity to my business has been tremendous.”

Kristine Merz

Founder & President, Orange Square
Jenn Hayslett

“When I started working with Laura, my coaching and consulting business were successful, but I had hit a plateau with my income and my sense of satisfaction. Within 6 months, I had a renewed sense of focus and clarity; I launched a new coaching program and my income increased by 33% over my best pre-pandemic year.”

Jennifer Hayslett

Founder + CEO
Jennifer Hayslett Coaching + Consulting
Andrea Tolman

“Laura is, by far, a remarkable coach. I have had an amazing and empowering experience working with her. I can 1000% attribute my success to Laura's coaching, guidance and love. Her passion for what she does resonates in her work, and she clearly cares deeply for her clients. There isn't anyone else besides Laura I'd rather have by my side to navigate this journey we call life. I am beyond grateful to have found her 5 years ago. THANK YOU, LAURA! YOU. ARE. REMARKABLE!”

Andrea Tolman

Assistant Vice President & Project Manager, State Street Corporation, Global Technology Services
Lisa Marceau

“As women in leadership, we often find that we just keep doing, and keep going, trying to meet a predefined standard, or be someone else's definition of successful. That's a lot of pressure. Instead, we need to take the time to learn how to celebrate our strengths and our contributions, value our relationships, and own our leadership capabilities. It's in that space, the space where our purpose and passion exist, that we find success. That's where Moxie can help.”

Lisa Marceau

Vice President, Digital Resource Solutions, HealthCore Inc.

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Moxie Means ...

Self-possessed confidence

An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances

The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor

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