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To Owning, Communicating + Monetizing Your Purpose

You are your own business. You are your own brand. And once you know what that is, you can use it to create what you want in your personal and professional life. As an aspiring leader or entrepreneur, your biggest challenge in this rapid-fire world is capturing the attention of your target audience long enough to create relevance and resonance. They need to know what you're about, what you stand for and why it's relevant to them in a sound bite that is unique, differentiated, memorable and referable. 

For your audience to be that clear, YOU need to be that clear first. And you need to be willing to show up, stand out and play by your own rules. You won't make it by being invisible, sitting on the side lines or trying to make it the way someone else has. The powerful relationships you want to create require you to know and own your unique identity, expertise and talent as no one else can. 

Your brand is how you show up, interact, connect and communicate, both personally and professionally. It tells people who you are, what you value, what you care about and what you stand for. And ultimately, your brand becomes what you are known for. It differentiates your voice in the midst of all the messaging noise that bombards us every day. Your brand, your purpose, your message is distinct and resonate for the people who have been looking for what you have to offer. Your brand is the foundation of your career, business and relationships. And your personal and professional advancement can't happen if that foundation isn't solid. 

In my experience, there are 3 primary challenges to creating an authentic brand to support you and your business growth.


How Clear Are You?

If you aren't clear about your value, your worth and what is meaningful to you, then how can anyone else be? Lack of clarity is dangerous in multiple ways. You will unconsciously be transmitting your confusion, rather than confidence, to the outside world, whether you realize it or not. Not a good look. And if you don't define your brand, you are inviting others to do it for you ... to guess ... based on their limited impressions of you. That puts them in the driver's seat, not you. You are also missing an opportunity to let your purpose be at the forefront in a way that creates resonant connection, which is one of the things you want to differentiate you.

How Differentiated Are You?

In our post-truth world, we are bombarded on all sides by rapid-fire messaging attempting to capture our attention, engagement and money. Amidst all the noise, it's hard to know what's real or what's true anymore. The only way to not contribute to that noise is to create your differentiated voice. And the best and easiest way to do that is to be incredibly vulnerable. You have to put yourself out there to share your unique perspective, values and purpose with the world. No one else is you ... which means you have to do it your way, unlike anyone else. Trust that your vulnerability is exactly what will attract others to you. 

Red apple among green ones


How Confident Are You?

Being vulnerable for all the world to see is hard. There's fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of not being enough. And from this place of pressure, anxiety and potential Imposter Syndrome, your inner critics can easily hijack you and convince you to pull back. And now, you are transmitting fear, instead of confidence, to the outside world. Fear … of not knowing, not controlling, not succeeding … WILL keep you stuck … immobile … paralyzed … and powerless. Being aware of the Fear-Stress cycle, though, can empower you in leveraging neuroscience hacks to keep your purpose in the driver's seat and you at your most powerful best.

Creating Positive Impact, For You + Others, Requires Your Positive Presence

There Are Only Two Motivations In Life: DESIRE or FEAR.

While fear can FEEL more powerful, it will always create what you DON'T want and keep you in a perpetual Fear-Stress Cycle. Neuroscience tells us that our bodies automatically react to fear in predictable ways. The higher, executive function of our brain shut downs in order to prepare our bodies for fight – flight – freeze. And the impact of staying in that place of fear is disastrous.

Your ability to access your creativity, process information, retain memory, regulate emotion, make intentional choices, reflect, observe and learn are all limited and impaired. Chronic fear results in persistent anxiety and an inability to make rational versus impulsive decisions. The flood of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body weakens your immune system, lowers bone density and increases weight gain, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Laura Miolla

So, Why Wouldn't You Let DESIRE Lead You Forward Instead?

I empower my clients to achieve inner clarity about who they are, what they want and what matters most. It is from this place of purpose that my clients truly lead in their lives, create from their desire and achieve alignment and resonance with the world around them.

My work is deeply informed by my prior 20+ career in sales and marketing, brand development, management, leadership and corporate strategy. My process clearly defines your inner language to successfully and authentically translate message to market. 

Moxie means “an attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances” … and my purpose is to help you short-circuit your automatic fear response, create positive mind-body-spirit alignment, learn to lead under pressure and be your best self regardless of the chaos around you. Your success can only be created from this foundation … and it is impossible to achieve alone.

Let’s Find YOUR Moxie!

Schedule your confidential strategy call to experience how coaching can power your success … regardless of the seismic change going on around you.

Client Love

Kristine Merz

“Working with Laura is hands down the best decision I’ve made for myself and my business. Before working with her, I had a vision for my business, but was stuck on how exactly to get there. Laura not helped me make this dream a reality, but has shown me so much more than I thought I was ever capable of. Building a business is more than tactics and marketing plans. It’s a constant emotional roller coaster. But Laura is there every step of the way to help you navigate the ups and down and bust through any roadblocks in your way. Fast Track lives up to its name. If you’re serious about your business, are ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone to make things happen, then you need to work with Laura now.”

Emily Citrone

Emily Citrone Coaching
Donna Berk

“Laura’s thoughtful and direct approach to identifying my business opportunities and provoking questions have had a positive impact not only how I approach my business goals, but also how I conduct business.”

Donna Berk

President, Emerclin
Andrea Tolman

“Laura is, by far, a remarkable coach. I have had an amazing and empowering experience working with her. I can 1000% attribute my success to Laura's coaching, guidance and love. Her passion for what she does resonates in her work, and she clearly cares deeply for her clients. There isn't anyone else besides Laura I'd rather have by my side to navigate this journey we call life. I am beyond grateful to have found her 5 years ago. THANK YOU, LAURA! YOU. ARE. REMARKABLE!”

Andrea Tolman

Assistant Vice President & Project Manager, State Street Corporation, Global Technology Services
Lisa Marceau

“As women in leadership, we often find that we just keep doing, and keep going, trying to meet a predefined standard, or be someone else's definition of successful. That's a lot of pressure. Instead, we need to take the time to learn how to celebrate our strengths and our contributions, value our relationships, and own our leadership capabilities. It's in that space, the space where our purpose and passion exist, that we find success. That's where Moxie can help.”

Lisa Marceau

Vice President, Digital Resource Solutions, HealthCore Inc.

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Moxie Means ...

Self-possessed confidence

An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances

The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor


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