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The Power of Moxie

“It’s much easier taking the high road when you are living for yourself and not allowing someone to make you feel a certain way because of their actions. It’s liberating. You’ve taught me some valuable lessons and made me realize what’s important to me and how to be happy again! Thank you! You helped me off the ground when I was down… Words can’t describe….” — Noha
“I found my time spent with Laura some of the most useful and productive things I have done for myself. It was a gift to myself to invest in coaching with Laura. My issues and problems didn’t change but yet I found new answers and new approaches to my lifelong struggles. I am certainly not done but enjoy living a more authentic life than I ever have.” — Joann
“I lived in a state of confusion for years. A few sessions with Laura & my world starting seeing clarity. You owe it to yourself to be coached; no reason to go through it alone.” — Liz
“I started talking with Laura in the exact moment I needed her. I was in the middle of the process of my separation, and I didn’t know how to handle my feelings and emotions. Laura gave me the tools to search and dig into myself to find the strength and the light I needed in that moment to see things about myself I haven’t seen and to start living with the best that’s inside me.Now I can see that I am living closer to my real me, and leaving behind all that was hurting me and making me feel bad.I thank Laura for being part of this process, and walking by my side in this difficult moment.” — Barbara
“Coaching with Laura was meant to be! I had never even heard of a coach. I had met Laura at a workshop, chatted a bit and when I took her business card I made sure I put it in my wallet so I would not lose it. That phone call was the best way to start 2014 which I vowed would be my year to get this divorce done. I had been separated for a few years and living in limbo. I was “stuck” in my life about how to handle my divorce and my life. I put off all the major decisions, living like a robot with the day to day routines; procrastination was my middle name. The tools Laura has taught me work and I am using them. My captain & crew are inside me now and it feels good to “talk” and “listen” to them. I sure do make them work hard. I have learned things about myself that have been dormant for years. I am excited about my new adventure in life! The word “Moxie” is awesome!” — Pat
“I came to Laura not knowing what to expect.  I was miserable in my marriage and I knew I needed something (someone?) to help me finally make a decision about what to do.  I came across a blog post of hers and called her the same day.  I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get through this process on my own.  When you are thinking about divorce, it’s like deciding to leave everything you know and enter into some kind of strange, dark abyss where everything is mysterious—possibly horrifying and possibly glorious, and possibly both.  What I came to learn, through Laura, is that my marriage/divorce is only a small part of the puzzle of why I feel stuck, undervalued and prone to listening to critical voices that have been following me for years.  Oh my god, I did not know I was going to go there with Laura!  I thought we were going to talk about divorce!  So far in my time with her, we haven’t much talked about divorce or how much of a jerk my husband is, or my lawyer will be, etcetera.  Without wasting even a single moment, Laura systematically helps me uncover (and debunk) all the reasons I’m settling for less than I need, want and deserve.  After only a few sessions, Laura has helped me see that I’m like the person clinging to the wave-beaten detritus for fear of drowning when the island paradise is only a few yards away.  I just have to let go and swim!  One more thing… Laura specializes in divorce but I think anyone dealing with life’s challenges (be it divorce or something else) can benefit from working with her.  She is a truly talented and practical coach.  She has high expectations of you and I think you will have higher expectations of yourself after even a few sessions.” — Teresa
“I’ve been working with Laura for several months now, and I have to say, I am so grateful to have found her. I am having a really tough time with my life right now. It’s completely upside down and each day is a battle. It’s a long journey toward recovery, but if you are looking to work with someone that will help you and keep you from falling off the edge, she is the person to work with. There’s no judgment, there’s no talking about the past, it’s all about moving forward. We all instinctively want to harp and lament on the past, but Laura does not let you fall into that pit for a long time, because she knows that moving forward is your only option. She helps you realize that focusing on the changes we can make now will shape the future we want. I don’t know what is to become of my future, but I can tell you, that if you told me six months ago I’d be working toward what I am working on now, I’d think you were crazy. Laura has helped me stay the course. She’s there to support you, guide you, and keep you going, no judgment. EVER. I thank the Lord for her every day. Work with a coach, not a psychologist or therapist. They’ll only make you relive the past and for what?  So you can dissect something you can’t change? That’s not productive. Working with Laura is. Work with her, you’ll be glad you did.” — Andrea 
“I was not sure what to expect from coaching. I wondered if it was going to be worth the investment in terms of both time and money. Working with Laura, I have discovered that this is one of the best investments I have made for myself in a long time. I was surprised how deeply emotional it is. And it is better than therapy or counseling for me because there are requests and accountability that has helped me push through the hard stuff and arrive at the place I wanted to be. I am more connected to my emotions and not always in my head in “thinking mode.” It has helped me move past the things that were holding me back, things I wasn’t even aware of. Laura helped me identify these and guided me to a better place where I am ready for even more success and happiness. I am daring greatly!” — Kristine 
“My experience with Laura is that she is both gifted and empathetic. She is also willing to take risks in order to create breakthroughs. My life is much better because of her, and I anticipate working with her for a long time to come.” — David
“It’s never too late to make changes and to find the path that is right for you. Life coaching with Laura helped me find places in my life and my thinking where I had become stuck. Her perceptive questions and assignments challenged me to re-examine how I viewed myself, my experiences, and my world. Some discoveries shocked me. The new perspectives I gained through Laura’s coaching have led me to make some amazing changes in my life. Be warned though, participating in life coaching is not for the faint-of-heart—you will have to take a hard look at yourself and recognize what you have been doing that isn’t working for you and then you will need to have a good amount of courage to start doing something different. Life coaching helped me discover facets of myself that I didn’t even knew existed. I am now venturing into new things that reflect the passions and life purpose that had been buried inside me all these years and were only able to be uncovered, recognized, and appreciated through the insights gained from Laura’s coaching.” — Merrilee
“I always thought a life coach wasn’t for me. However, after my first call with Laura I completely changed my mind! Laura’s coaching has helped me to understand how my own inner saboteurs are getting in the way and how to get rid of them. My calls with her are helping me reach not only personal goals but also helping me advance my career. I appreciate her honesty and willingness to listen to whatever is bothering me – work or personal – to help me figure out how to move forward. Her “homework” assignments have been interesting and have helped me gain a different perspective on things.” — Anna