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Moxie is Freedom

“Fear is a liar.”

You don’t recognize yourself anymore. You question yourself all the time. You know it’s not right, but your fear keeps you paralyzed in this place. You are afraid of

  • Being alone
  • Not having enough money
  • What people will think
  • How your spouse will react
  • Damaging your children
  • The unknown future
  • Your own capabilities

The list goes on and on. Your fear wants to keep you stuck in this place so that you won’t make change. You might even be dealing with depression, alcoholism, bipolar or narcissism in your relationship. So you don’t rock the boat. What if that boat is leaking though? And what if it has been for a very long time? Hiding from it won’t stop it from sinking any faster. Coaching will give you the knowledge and tools to eliminate doubt and confusion, know if your marriage is capable of being saved and move you forward towards the life you want for yourself with confidence, rather than fear.

Coaching will help you:

  • Discover Whether Staying In Or Leaving Your Marriage Is The Right Decision
  • Get Unstuck From Inner Critics
  • Understand The Role Of Mental Health & Personality Disorders In Your Marriage — Depression, Alcoholism, Bipolar & Narcissism
  • Explore The Values Language In Your Marriage
  • Re-Connect With Yourself
  • Find Your Certainty, Clarity And Confidence to Make Better Decisions for Yourself
  • Break Away From Control & Manipulation In Your Marriage
  • Identify Your Inner Wisdom To Map Your Path Forward

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“My life and mind were in total chaos when I happened across Laura’s website.  I had no idea she was exactly what I needed!  She worked me through some of my most difficult times ever and provided me with the tools and wisdom I needed to move forward.  With her help I’ve discovered an incredible sense of personal peace, and am feeling more confident in my future than I have in a very long time.” — Lisa

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