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I am a professional coach fully trained and certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation and as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute. I am trained as a divorce mediator in Massachusetts. And I am also the host of Divorce Sucks: A Smart Girl’s Guide To Doing It Better on VoiceAmerica.

Most importantly, I am divorced with two young children. My divorce was not easy by any means. And like most people dealing with this experience, I never seemed to catch up — with the legal process, knowing what could happen next and preparing for what my life would be like after it was all over. It was a lesson in patience. It was a lesson in acceptance of things that were out of my control (as much of this process is). It was a huge lesson that the only thing I can control in life is myself.

My journey was very personal (as yours will be), but I had much-needed help along the way. Through MoxieLife, I help others who are experiencing the transition that comes with separation,  divorce and post-divorce. I know what it’s like. I know how it feels. You have a choice — you can be a victim of this process or you can use this as an opportunity to find a new path — one that is far, far better than the one you left behind.

The road ahead will be bumpy … but you don’t have to go it alone. I will be a champion in your corner. I believe in you. I see your power.

Let’s find your Moxie!
Schedule a free, 60-minute confidential consultation to see how coaching can transform your life.



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Why Do You Need Moxie?

Great question!

  • Do you want to make better decisions for yourself and your children now and in the future?
  • Do you want that clarity to increase your probability of getting what you want in your divorce process?
  • Do you want to save money in attorney fees?

Coaching will get you all that and more! And since coaching is goal-oriented, it is far better choice than therapy when you’re dealing with divorce.  Coaching provides a safe, confidential space to explore who you really are, what is most important to you and what you want in your life. Coaching will identify your self-limiting beliefs and silence your inner critics … those inner voices that keep you paralyzed with fear or always reacting from hurt and resentment. Coaching will give you clarity to make better decisions for yourself (and your children) now, during the difficult legal process and into the future. Coaching will give you the courage and strength to re-create your life the way YOU want it to be.

Experience what MoxieLife can do for you  through a free, 60-minute confidential consultation  or review my coaching packages below to find the one that suits you best.


Wherever you are in the divorce process, coaching can help you clarify, and move towards, your goals. It can also cut through the fear, doubt, confusion and anger that can make your divorce longer and more expensive.  So, experience it for yourself in this risk-free consultation. PRICE:  Free

TWELVE 30-MINUTE SESSIONS (Clarity + Empowerment + Game Plan)

Does your divorce have you stuck? You want to move forward, but don’t even know where to begin? It’s no wonder. Divorce is a traumatic event. This program is designed for anyone who finds themselves stuck, hurt or unsure of what to do next – without any idea of how to get past it. Our sessions are strategically scheduled over six months to give you the clarity, support and action plan you need to reinvent your life. 12 phone or Skype sessions are included, along with between-session email + phone support. Change is happening to you, whether you like it not. This is the ideal coaching program for you to get the support you need to own that change and make it work for you. PRICE:  $175/session

SIX 30-MINUTE SESSIONS (Clarity + Empowerment)

Coaching cuts through the confusion, paralysis, and resignation QUICKLY to help you move forward with confidence. We’ll meet one-on-one via phone or Skype in six powerful sessions to explore where you are now, where you want to be and what’s getting in the way.  My commitment is to give you a dynamic, empowering perspective around your situation and several action steps every time we talk. Between-session email + phone support included. PRICE: $200/session


Trained as a divorce mediator, as well as coach, I can help you prepare for divorce mediation in order to make it faster, cheaper and more efficient. These sessions will give you the information and support to know what the process entails, get clear around what you want and find your voice to ask for it. Ultimately, these sessions will help you make better decisions in the divorce mediation process.  Between-session email + phone support included. PRICE: $200/session


Life happens. And there are moments when we can become completely overwhelmed. Maybe your spouse just left, your divorce negotiations fell through or you are going on your first date as newly single. Faced with a challenging situation, we could all use some clarity and assurance to get centered, ease our mind and lift our spirit.  Call on me when you need a shot of Moxie. PRICE: $250.00/session

Payment is due at the beginning of every month for sessions within that month (typically 2). A 5% discount will be applied when the total fee for the commitment period is paid in advance. Payment can be made via check or PayPal (though a 3.4% administrative fee will be applied to PayPal payments).

My clients have achieved amazing things … I know you will too!


Let’s find your Moxie!
Schedule a free, 60-minute confidential consultation to see how coaching can transform your life.



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Moxie is Your Truth

Everything is perspective. Everything is a story. I share mine with you in these posts. And I want to hear your feedback , your perspective, as well. Contact me at laura@moxielifecoach.com to share your story.

My articles (all listed below) have been featured on Huffington Post Divorce, Huffington Post Gay Voices, Parents.com, Care2.com, Fox News Magazine, YourTango, Smart Divorce Network and Solo Parent Magazine. I’m a featured writer for Solo Parent Magazine.

I also hosted a 13-episode radio show called Divorce Sucks: A Smart Girl’s Guide To Doing It Better for the VoiceAmerica network. Podcast downloads coming soon!