Where’s Your Moxie?

Moxie means “an attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances.”

MoxieLife Separation and Divorce Coaching gives you the clarity and purpose you need to fearlessly transform your life before, during and after divorce. 50% of all marriages end in divorce and yet no one expects it will ever happen to them. Divorce, and the long, drawn out process of separation and re-building a life after divorce, can be hugely stressful, confusing and downright painful. Your entire identity is turned upside down and everything you thought you knew, and relied on, is gone.

Divorce is a playground for all of your most powerful saboteurs – failure, fear, panic, betrayal, self-worth, self-doubt, despair, hopelessness, and regret.

Do you want to:

• Know what you want … and need … before, during and after your divorce?

• Make better decisions throughout this process?

• Save money in your divorce?

• Gain more control over this process?

• Better prepare for mediation or better manage your attorney?

• Minimize the impact of your divorce on your children?

• Develop a vision for a better life after this divorce?

You have a choice. You can let this process, and your inner saboteurs, run rampant over you … or you can choose what you really want for yourself and move towards a goal with courage and purpose.  Coaching will give you the clarity you need to manage this process with INTENTION — and not lose sight of your big picture goals by reacting from a place of  resentment, rage, depression, fear or worry.

This process is largely out of your control — however, you can choose how you want to BE and what you want to DO in this process and maximize the probability of getting what you want. Additionally, as a parent, you can choose how you want to BE to minimize adverse effects on your children. Ultimately, divorce is a process of transformation — and that IS something you can control. Ultimately, everyone needs a champion in their corner to give them clarity around what they really want, inspiration to silence the internal critics focused on self-sabotage and a tangible action plan towards achieving success. You don’t need to go it alone.


Let’s find your Moxie! Schedule a free, 60-minute confidential consultation to see how coaching can transform your life.